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If after a concert or a movie, you return home with music on your lips, in your mind and heart, it means it has touched your soul. The Hindu March 03, 2007

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Guru Karaikudi Mani played the mridangam, Durga Prasad the gottu vadyam, V. Suresh’s ghatam challenged the beats of Niko Schauble’s drums and B.V. Balasai’s flute soared and dipped in lilting melodies with Sandy Evan’s saxophone, Scott Tinkler’s trumpet and Sherriff’s saxophone. The Telegraph,Calcutta. January 31, 2007

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Art allows its audience to extend its experience in different and often unexpected ways. It does so through creative juxtapositions and fresh aesthetic arrangements, in the process, often generating a new aesthetics AAO Music Journal 2007

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Lalitha Kala Thoranam's open-air auditorium reverberated with the mellifluous notes soaring out of B.V. Balasai's bamboo. AAO Music Journal 2007

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The humility in the exposition of raga and kriti, and the tight leash over kalpanaswara exchange marked the artiste's devotion and dedication to music. Pantuvarali and Charukesi alapana were shared by Balasai and Durgaprasad," - The Hindu December 20, 2005

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Through his unique style of presentation and creativity, Balasai has been able to crave out a niche for himself in the field of wind instruments,"
- The Hindu, August 26, 2005 - Thiruvananthapuram

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Balasai has brought out private albums and composed for dance ballets and has teamed up with Durga Prasad on the gottuvadyam for duet concerts in the country and abroad. The Hindu Jan 29, 2004 -Hyderabad

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"The music of Living Colours is light and deep for the weary listener, the CD proves a soothing melange of the lullaby of Balasai's flute," City Express, Apr 11, 2002

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"SOULFUL RECITAL : MUSIC FETE B.V.Balasai's flute recital entharelled rasikas 'When B.V.Balasai poured out his soul into his flute, what came forth carried his listeners to another world. Full of love devotion and tranquillity, that was in perfect harmony with nature."Balasai had the inspiration to round off this concert with Swathi' Tirunal's Vishveshwara, a thillana in Brindavani and Sri Ramachandra (Tulsidas), that had the radiant colour of sunset," The New Sunday Express, Aug 26, 2001

"Balasai's elaboration of Kalyani was fascinating,"
The New Indian Express, Jun 30, 2001

"What makes an instrumental Carnatic music recital is the artist's faithful adherence to the aspect of tonal modulation in a style replete with perfection of notes and nuances all aligned absorbingly on the sruti.
This was discernible over a considerable extent on the recital of B.V.Balasai on the flute,"The New Indian Express, Jun 30, 2001

"Balasai's depiction of Sahana was impressive with notable proportions of nuanced phrases," The Hindu, Dec 1, 2000

"The swaraprastaras in Jaganmohini and Bahudari were lengthy, mellifluous, and sruti-aligned. The use of the long flute was poignant," The Hindu, Dec 29, 2000

"Contrasting tonal colours were provided in the sharp notes of the flute," The Hindu, Dec 18, 1998

"Balasai has a fine blowing technique and produces pure mellifluous notes on the bamboo," The Indian Express, Jan 2, 1997

"Blending the tones of a wind instrument and a string instrument is a fine art and Balasai and Durgaprasad succeeded in making their duo recital engrossing, it was mainly due to their perfect mutual understanding of well to combine in kriti rendition, while establishing a separate artistic identity in raga alapanas,"
The Indian Express, Feb 2, 1997

"Balasai is an artiste with sumptuous talent," The Hindu, Nov 15, 1996.

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